Coming Soon: Quentin Quantum


Icon to millions.

Billionaire tech CEO with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, an orbital space station, and on the surface of the moon.

Intergalactic celebrity with no less than a half-dozen hostile extraterrestrial civilizations wanting him drawn, quartered, and tossed headlong into a black hole.

Widowed father of two children.

Boyfriend to an alien warrior princess.

Hyper-intelligent polymath mentored by Albert Einstein, thrown decades into the future after a post-WW II experiment gone wrong.

The first science hero in a long bloodline of infamous would-be world conquering mad geniuses, Quentin Quantum strives to redeem his family name, give his son and daughter a better future, all while dodging government watchdogs and defending the Earth from any and all threats, no matter what planet, dimension, or alternate reality they hail from.

Thrill to lavishly illustrated, pulp-styled, comic book inspired action, intrigue, romance, and, of course — SCIENCE!

Coming to e-book and print in 2014 by writer Michael Allan Leonard and illustrator Josh Chamberlain.  Watch our site for a free, complete serialized Quentin Quantum prequel novella, and a chance to win limited edition art prints and personalized sketches signed by the creators.

By Michael Allan Leonard

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